Launching Sky High

Welcome to My Run is Not Done! This is my blog wherein I will record my various fitness activities, most importantly, the training for my first marathon ever, the 2012 Rock and Roll Mardi Gras Marathon in New Orleans, Louisiana. My name is Jamie and I have run a bunch of road races over the past 12 years, but never had the cajones to sign up for a marathon until a couple of months ago when I decided to quit wishing I could do a marathon and to just do one already! What’s there to be afraid of? ::gulp::

Well, I started this blog so I could record all of my efforts that training for a marathon involves as well as keep me motivated. I want to embrace this challenge and give it my best, not shy away from it. And when my training is written down for the World Wide Web to see, well, it makes me want to stick to it even more.

While I’m primarily focused on my marathon preparation right now (goal time 4:30!), I also want to share various food and fitness experiences that are interesting to me and perhaps to you. I’m no expert at anything except programming the directTV DVR and I don’t have any dietary restrictions except perhaps frog legs. ::yikes:: I’m just a girl, looking at the road, asking it to love me. Wait, that’s something else (Notting Hill, anyone?).

I’m new to blogging and I think like any other activity a person chooses to do for the first time, like running, working out, or playing the piano even, the key to sticking to it is consistency! I want to be a regular around here and I hope you come back for more.

Mild winters in Louisiana make for awesome road races in December!


2 responses to “Launching Sky High

  1. So nice to meet you! We love sharing in eachother’s journey – I look forward to supporting yours!

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