Allow Me to Introduce Myself

  I was born in the 80s to parents who emigrated to the US from the Philippines. As an Army brat, I lived in a bunch of different places and always longed for home even though technically, I was home. I love the 90s and all that its pop culture entails. I never played sports outside of elementary and middle school, but I did play the piano and clarinet. In high school, I proudly joined the Junior ROTC program. 

Little me and my folks, 80s style.

  I received my bachelor’s degree from the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY and graduated in 2003. I spent eight years in the Army as a Military Police officer and met my husband John, also an Army officer, in Georgia. I spent a total of 3 years in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. The Army was good to me and I was quite nervous to leave it. But, I chose to move on and now I’m now on a hopeful path to get into Occupational Therapy school.

Peace in the Middle East!

  I started running because I had to. Going to USMA and joining the Army meant finding the awkward athlete in me. So I ran. Sometimes, I would be good and sometimes I would be not-so-good. I had to run to keep up with the others so that’s what I did. (Sounds kinda Forrest Gump here…) Eventually, I grew to use running as my touchstone. I have days where I have to run, days where I need to run, and days where I don’t really want to run. But I continue to run because I don’t want to lose my ability nor my sanity.


Blazing the trail for my brother in law (I wish!). 🙂

I know my story might be different than yours, but I hope we can share running or yoga or any other fitness path that you’re traveling and cheer each other on! Use the below links to contact me. I’d love to hear from you!

Twitter: @runjamiereilly


John and I at one of our many post race parties.


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