10 things I’ve learned on long runs.

In no particular order:

1. It’s never too late to join the blister-free movement with Body Glide!

2. Powerbar Energy Blasts give me gelatinous burps.

3. Born to Run, the audiobook, really started to motivate me around chapter 15. Until then, it was just something I listened to, but did not feel.

4. The moment right before the sun rises and the sky is a peachy blue is pretty amazing and refreshing.

5. Somewhere along mile 5, there’s a bewildered voice inside me that says, “Are you crazy?! Stop right now!”

6. I use each step to run away from that bewildered voice.

7. Long runs are a perfect excuse to try out an array of energy gels and jellybeans.

8. If am elated after finishing 12 miles, I just might be an emotional mess after 26.2.

9.  I pray a lot more for family, friends, and strangers while on the pavement.

10. Walk breaks are as necessary as getting in the miles. It’s okay.


4 responses to “10 things I’ve learned on long runs.

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  2. Love your list! Our house is well stocked with Bodyglide for my hubs. I have not achieved that level yet 😉 Running has always been a great way to work things out in my mind – even on my personal long runs (3 miles…I am working on it!)

  3. Great running tips! I need to remember these things when I start increasing my mileage.

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