A Virtual Birthday Run and NFC Challenge Recap

I recently took part in two events held by two FitFluential bloggers, Michele from nycrunningmama and Toni from Running, Loving, Living. Michele was a classmate of mine at West Point and now shares her passions for running and her family through her amazing blog.

During last week’s NFL NFC championship game, NY Giants fans and San Francisco 49ers fans were invited to place a bet on who would be the winner. The losing team would have to run the point differential. I chose the Giants (but only after consulting my husband’s expertise) and watched the game closely. Luckily, the Giants won and I didn’t have to run 3 miles on Monday. Most importantly, nycrunningmama‘s challenge was such a success that she’s having a Super Bowl Challenge because hello, her team is going to the Super Bowl!

Today, I decided to run 3.5 miles in honor of Running, Loving, Living‘s 34th birthday and 1st Blogiversary. I am a new reader to Toni’s super informative and fun blog and thought that I would help celebrate her special day and blog achievement. Also, her Gu sampler giveaway drew me in too… I hope I win it!

This morning’s weather was perfect for a birthday run: sunny and a crisp 42 degrees. After all the rain we received here, it was refreshing to have the sun break through. I finished in 32:36 and than ran longer because I had 5 miles planned for today.

Participating in both events added some much needed variety to my running life and I definitely wanted to share! Have you participated in a virtual run?

Sign up for nycrunningmama‘s Super Bowl Challenge here! The game is February 5!

Check out Running, Loving, Living‘s awesome blog here!

Stay motivated always!

Random: today's shoe and shadow.


4 responses to “A Virtual Birthday Run and NFC Challenge Recap

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  2. I’m doing the Super Bowl Challenge too! Hopefully the Giants will win, or at least not lose by too much! If the score is a difference of 20, I’m in trouble…

  3. What I keep going back to is ~ wow! she went to West Point wow! I am totally motivated to check out your friend’s blog. Oh, and PS, a virtual run is the only run I’m really good out. Now yoga on the other hand ….

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