Early Morning RnR NOLA Race Thoughts

The puppy was whimpering, signalling that I didn’t need to lie awake anymore and that I should take her out to potty. I quickly dressed in my race gear and walked her out of the hotel lobby where the club kids were stumbling home bleary eyed. Puppy did her business, both of them, and soon I’ll drop her off with the grandparents to watch her while we run. Am really happy that they visited us for this big event.

Big event! It’s huge. A very significant event that I’ve had in mind for months now. But at the same time, I gotta think no expectations, just let the race happen naturally. I trained for 4:30 in ideal circumstances. I will enjoy the race, the people, the sights and sounds.  I will power up the iPod around mile 12 when the half-marys take off and finish strong. I will be thankful that I can do this and I will smile as much as I can. I will pray, I will motivate myself, I will think nothing at all except for leftrightleftrightleftright123123123. I can see the finish line, I can see the happiness at the end, but I gotta stay in the moment. One mile at a time, one thing at a time, one breath at a time. Shuffle shuffle shuffle. I barely got any sleep last night. I knew that was gonna happen. Great, I have bags under my eyes. Wear sunglasses. It’s not that cold outside, barely any wind. Don’t get too confident, stay humble. Be grateful, be happy, be a runner. Be alive, be mobile, yes, yes, Yes!



3 responses to “Early Morning RnR NOLA Race Thoughts

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  2. Exciting glad you are so inspired. My Daughter runs Los Angeles in two weeks

  3. Love this post! What a great way to motivate yourself for such an accomplishment!

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