Check the Rear View and Clear the Windshield

Since my marathon, I took a break from running, partly cause I was sicker than a dog after the big race and also to give my body a Rest. When I ran the Red River Run 10K two weeks ago, I still felt the effects of the cold in my chest and my legs felt strong except for a ghost of the feeling of the cramps I felt in my quads from the marathon.

I hate being sick, although, don’t we all? I babied myself and drank a lot of fluids and tried to get extra rest. If I slept in when my husband had to leave for PT, I didn’t give myself a big guilt trip over it. I may have eaten a box of Samoas and Thin Mints and Tagalongs and felt a little bad, but I finished those boxes off before I could feel any more bad. 🙂



I came up with a couple of goals for the next 8 weeks. Like to hear ’em? Here it go!

1. Include a speedwork day into my running: I was all about getting in the miles and feeling (relatively) comfortable when I was training for RnRNOLA. I have a 13.1’er planned for May so I want to see if I can improve upon my time and/or feel stronger running in the warmer weather. I hope to write about these new ventures into track workouts and fartleks (Check out Amy @ Lavender Parking’s funny post about the word fartlek?!).

2. Eat more leafy greens and other roughage by prepping ahead of time: I started to do this with drinking a green smoothie a day (spinach, kale, banana, some type of frozen berry, some type of liquid, a lil’ flax seed or chia, blendblendblend) and I feel great about it. What I want to do is eat more salads and there are great ideas and sources around for them: Here and this local farm! I just need to chop and slice ahead of time so that come lunch or dinner, I can mix, dress, and chomp down!

3. Review my anatomy and physiology notes before OT school begins: I start my OT (occupational therapy) grad school program in late May. This event has been a year in the making and it starts with a gross anatomy lab (i.e. cadavers!) I’m excited and repelled about the prospect, so I think reviewing all of my old flashcards and notes will strengthen my mental game for it. This will be a (positive) life change of sorts for me and husband too, but more to come on all of that.

Three is my favorite number (birth month, words in I love you, other silly Jamie reasons) and so that’s the amount of goals I can handle right now. I gotta get moving for Sunday church service, so I hope to catch up with you guys again soon(er)! 🙂

What are your short-term goals? 


6 responses to “Check the Rear View and Clear the Windshield

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  2. I didn’t get any Girl Scout cookies this year (on purpose), which makes me kind of sad. And very cool that you’re going into an OT program. My husband has been looking into it, and it looks like a great career choice!

    My goals are also to work on speed, and to work on eating better, and yes, those little fartleks!

  3. That is such a great idea to pre-chop all your veg for the week! That would help me so much. Your goals are awesome! A couple of mine are to get through this semester of grad school with Bs or above and get to Boston injury-free! 🙂

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