Freedom Run with Team Red White & Blue

{Last week’s conversation}

Me: “Babe, do you want to do the Freedom Run 5K with me on Saturday?”

Husband: “Do I get to sleep in?”

Me: “No, we have to leave by 6 am”

Hubs: “No. Have fun though, I want to sleep in.”

Can’t blame the guy, he wakes up early for PT. So I texted my friend Lindsay and let her know that it would just be her and me and we linked up in the dark morning for the 52 minute drive to Alexandria.

The Freedom Run 5K was held by the Alexandria Veterans Affairs to benefit Operation Homefront Louisiana, a non-profit formed to provide emergency financial assistance to families of service members and wounded warriors. As an Army veteran, I was excited to take part in the run and I knew that Lindsay who is also an Army veteran would be too.

We linked up with members of the central Louisiana chapter of Team Red White and Blue. Team RWB is another veterans organization with a mission of supporting veterans make the transition from service to civilian. I’m still learning about all that Team RWB can do for veterans, especially wounded vets and I hope I can increase my involvement with them when I can. One of the ways that they promote their cause is through wearing the Eagle at different races because physical fitness is one way to help veterans and wounded vets make the transition successfully.

Team Red White & Blue (I'm 4th from the right and Linds is to my left).

The run itself was in the Alexandria Air Park so we ran the 5K along the perimeter of the airfield. The course was out and back and very flat. Lindsay brought her daughter and pushed her in the baby stroller while we ran. I think I ran the fastest that I’ve run in awhile and was so relieved and breathless when we finished. We were pushing 8:08 miles and I was totally in awe of Lindsay pushing that baby stroller the whole time! We also cheered for all of our newfound Team RWB’ers.

I really enjoyed this run for its small race feel. There were more people at this race than at the Red River 10K a couple of weeks back as well as lots of children for a one mile fun run. I remember as a child that you couldn’t convince me that running one mile was fun (true!). Meeting new people at a race is always a fun experience too because it’s like an instant camaraderie and you cheer each other on. After Lindsay and I said goodbye to those at the race, we found our second wind at another organization, Target. 🙂

Find out more about Team Red White & Blue here.

See if there’s an Operation Homefront in your area here.

If you’re a vet or know any vets, feel free to share these groups with them!

Stay motivated!!!


7 responses to “Freedom Run with Team Red White & Blue

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  2. Great job! my daughter ran the Los Angeles Marathon a few weeks a go her first. I passed your blog on to her. It was appreciated

  3. nycrunningmama

    This is awesome! I’m so glad you got to do a run with Team RWB. I still have yet to do one with the group! Your friend is amazing for doing that pace with the stroller!! =) Great post, Jamie!

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