Running around again

It hasn’t been easy going back to school and adapting to my new surroundings, but I know it is (and will be) worth it. I’ve had to manage my time and streamline my life a little (turn in the Comcast box – check!) as well as refine my focus on the important things in life. School, hubs and dog, my in-real-life friendships, and self-care are my priorities.

Self-care, a term that I have learned in occupational therapy school, means the ability to care for one’s self. Obvious right? Part of my self-care plan is not beating myself up for not being a world-class runner. Getting my first DNS after backing out of the Louisiana Marathon was rough, but, I concluded that I’m not meant to be a half-marathon trainin’, grad school learnin’ juggler right now. Maybe if there were more hours in a day…

I recalibrated my expectations for myself and decided that I just need to be consistent, holistic (prehab, run, and stretch), and realistic (5K/10K). Plus, I have a couple of other goals too (get stronger, less sugar, eat real food). So, with that, I’m ready to get moving and share along the way. 🙂



6 responses to “Running around again

  1. Good for you for finding and working on that balance. It really is a tricky thing to figure out, and I love that quote on the bicycle poster, too. So darn true. Here’s to balance and staying on it this semester! (I know I need to work on this, too!)

  2. JME! I admire that you’ve found the balance. I usually go one extreme or the other…and I hate when I hit the extreme where I’m doing absolutely NOTHING. Good on ya! ❤

  3. Hey Jamie! Life is a balancing act. You have to figure out what works for you. I hope school is going well!

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