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Finding The Right Pace

I’m following my training plan and I’m narrowing down my fuel choices. But, I need to know, what pace should I run at? So far, I’ve just been collecting miles and listening to my body about how fast or slow I should run. I now have 6 weeks until my first marathon and it’s become clear to me that I need a way to lock down my pace. Luckily, I found a great site to help me with this.

The coaches at McMillan Running have a great pace calculator based on your best time. Type in your time and out comes a customized chart with optimal training paces for long runs, recovery runs and easy runs. I was relieved to have an expert do the math so that I can just think about meeting that pace.

I learned that I need to run my long runs at a 10:09 to 11:09 pace, based on my recent half-marathon time of 1:59:44. On yesterday’s 8 miler, I settled into a 10:39 average pace and felt pretty satisfied. Pace is important to me because 26.2 miles is a LOONG distance and my former Army tendency to keep up with the pack will result in an encounter with the dreaded BONK!

Finding the right pace for you is definitely an individual effort and involves your goal distance and your current ability. As you begin a running program, tune into your body and get your breathing down before even considering your speed. With consistent practice, you should feel improvements and can consider locking down your pace. But enjoy yourself first.

If you’re new to running, how are you finding your pace? If you’re a veteran runner, what do you think about your pace?