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Reflecting on Memorial Day

Flags, Never Forget

Fallen, but never forgotten.

I know it’s been quite awhile, but the past month quickly filled up for me and I will write about it all soon!

First and foremost, I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. Memorial Day is important to me as it’s a time for our nation to remember the many men and women of wars, past and present, who died while serving their country. Over the years, I’ve heard of classmates, Soldiers I’ve served with, and Soldiers I don’t even know who have fallen at the hands of the enemy and it’s so somber and heart wrenching. Whether they are 18 or 48, the sacrifice of their future tugs on my heart to live my todays as full as possible and always with immense gratitude.


I’ve mentioned a couple of places where you can reach out to vets here and places like your local Veterans of Foreign Wars or the Disabled Veterans National Foundation can also show you ways to support vets. Take part in your area’s Memorial Day celebration and wave the American flag. Say a little prayer of thanks and attack the rest of your week, summer, year with vigor and enthusiasm.

Thanks everyone for hearing me out. And endless gratitude to 1LT Laura Walker, 1LT Ashley Huff, SPC Andrew Tuazon, SPC George Harrison, SSG Dick Lee, and the many many Heroes who gave their lives. Be thou at peace.