Reflecting on Memorial Day

Flags, Never Forget

Fallen, but never forgotten.

I know it’s been quite awhile, but the past month quickly filled up for me and I will write about it all soon!

First and foremost, I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. Memorial Day is important to me as it’s a time for our nation to remember the many men and women of wars, past and present, who died while serving their country. Over the years, I’ve heard of classmates, Soldiers I’ve served with, and Soldiers I don’t even know who have fallen at the hands of the enemy and it’s so somber and heart wrenching. Whether they are 18 or 48, the sacrifice of their future tugs on my heart to live my todays as full as possible and always with immense gratitude.


I’ve mentioned a couple of places where you can reach out to vets here and places like your local Veterans of Foreign Wars or the Disabled Veterans National Foundation can also show you ways to support vets. Take part in your area’s Memorial Day celebration and wave the American flag. Say a little prayer of thanks and attack the rest of your week, summer, year with vigor and enthusiasm.

Thanks everyone for hearing me out. And endless gratitude to 1LT Laura Walker, 1LT Ashley Huff, SPC Andrew Tuazon, SPC George Harrison, SSG Dick Lee, and the many many Heroes who gave their lives. Be thou at peace. 


I’d rather run than clean the house…

…today anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I like me a clean kept house.

This season of my life has me assuming the role of stay at home wife. Until I begin OT school next month, my priorities are keeping the little military assigned housing that my husband and I live in pretty, full of food, and clean. The process of cleaning is pretty dreadful for me (oh you too?), but the finished product (Clean countertops! Sparkling mirrors! Shiny floors!) is what eggs me on to break out my plastic gloves and my bucket o’ supplies.

Not today though. My cleaning motivation is lacking because the weather is a nice 75 degrees (what’s the keyboard shortcut for the degree sign?) and sunny and I’m gonna put a couple of miles on the board.

Running is better than cleaning because you get to breathe in fresh air instead of chemical smells. Doesn’t fresh air just excite you more than Lysol? That is, unless you choose natural supplies and the odors aren’t as strong. I haven’t been active about finding natural replacements for cleaning supplies although I’m wanting to. I still like a good bottle of Windex, it fixes everything! <– My Big Fat Greek Wedding vague reference.

Running is better than cleaning because you feel like you really deserve to eat dessert after dinner or lunch or breakfast. Something about settling down to eat an ice cream bowl after mopping the floor just doesn’t seem right to me. A piece of dark chocolate after vacuuming though, yes.

Running is better than cleaning because the sight of birds flying above you and the sound of squirrels moving among the woody areas make me smile in a way that wiping down the walls and the inside of the fridge do not. Oh, the crud I wiped off from the condiment shelf was icky and hardened! We need to do a better job of not being so messy with them.

Lastly, running is better than cleaning the house because you get to dress up for it! Your running clothes, running shoes, running hat, running underwear even! No one buys a vacuuming skirt or a hi-tech sweeping shirt, it’s just not popular enough. So until a cleaning company comes up with a mainstream clothing line, I’m going to wear my Brooks PR mesh skirt and my marathon tech tee for a fashionable, refreshing run.

Well, maybe not the skirt. It’s in the dirty laundry pile.

Goals, Crossfit, and the Liebster

I think I saw this coming. I wanted to start a blog about my marathon training (which I did) and then once my marathon happened (like wayyy over a month ago), I’d have to ask myself, what do I blog about now? So, please forgive me in advance if I deviate from running things and write more about life things of which I’m sure running will have a reoccurring role. 🙂

I was making headway into my three goals of adding speedwork, eating more roughage (salads and smoothies), and studying my anatomy notes until 1) I got a case of the lazybones and didn’t join today’s speed workout that some of my running friends planned; 2) I didn’t enjoy the mediocre blending that my Oster produced (cue Vitamix dreams); and 3) I read on the student doctor forums that the best way to prepare for OT school was to enjoy my time off right now.

While these are great excuses (right?), I flashback to my young cadet days and say to myself, “No excuses!” Or even to The Biggest Loser and Allison Sweeney saying the same to a row of contestants. Side note: This is the first time I’ve watched a season of BL; do they know how lucky they are?!

Bottom line: I gotta do a better job tomorrow of not giving in to excuses and stay on track with my goals. (Pardon me while I write this in big letters on my day planner.)

As for my running, I’ve started to lug around a handheld hydration bottle to prep for the possible heat during a 13.1’er on post in less than two weeks. My main goal for that race is to just enjoy it; finishing under 2 hours is a secondary goal. The rolling terrain and warmer weather create different conditions from my half-marathon in December so I’ll see how it all turns out. Trying not to worry about it too much. When I started to run 8 – 10 miles a couple of weeks after the marathon, my knees began to yell at me so icing and foam rolling have been a big priority lately. Sometimes, after I foam roll, I feel like I want to barf because it hurts to roll over the muscle.

I also sweated my way through my first Crossfit type fitness class at the gym yesterday. This wasn’t the kind of class that Reebok shows in their commercial (I always get pumped after watching that), but it did involve similar moves. 3 rounds of 50 walking lunges with a 25 pound plate overhead, 50 situps and 50 squats. I finished in 18:55. I almost didn’t go to the must-be-up-before-dawn class (5:15 AM), but the night before, I posted on Facebook that I would and woke up to 3 Facebook friends praising their love-hate for Crossfit. I didn’t want to feel guilty for not going, so I went. (Ah, peer pressure!) There were moments that I didn’t enjoy, say, after the first round of moves, and the last 5 reps of each exercise on the last round, but overall, I liked the change of pace and I felt that I was getting a good workout because I was breathing hard and sweating a lot. I’m gonna go back tomorrow for another dose.

Total body movement = sore body afterwards

Finally, I am awed and excited to receive the Liebster Award from my lovely blog friend, Suzanne at The Wine{a}be. Go check her out, she’s a wine lover and her adventures in California wine country sure do pique my wanderlust. Per Liebster Award protocol, I must:

1. Link back to the person who gave it to you…they deserve the love!
2. Post the award on your blog for all to see!
3. Give the award to 5 of your favorite bloggers … ideally with approximately 200 followers or less.
4. Leave a comment on your chosen {5} blogs to let them know that they have been given the Liebster award.

I subscribe to the blogs below via email and reader and look forward to reading their posts. They’re all engaging and inspiring women who are on their own fitness journey. I also have no idea for sure if they have less than 200 followers, but if the point is to reward the smaller blogs then I think I got it. It’s possible some might not be happy to receive the award and I promise, I’m not trying to tag you with something to do. Just trying to show some blog appreciation out there! 🙂

My Liebster ladies are:

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Please check them out!

Later y’all!